Ribbon | Long Necklace

Ribbon jewelry sets are one-of-a-kind, handmade, beaded ensembles which include an asymmetrical long ribbon necklace, a complementary ribbon bracelet, and a dangle earring set. These are fun and versatile pieces that go easily with almost any outfit, no matter the neckline of your clothing due to their adjustable feature.

My pieces are designed with balance in mind. Each component makes a statement and has a place. Whether that component is subtle or bold depends on the combination of all elements (textures, colors, sheens, contrasts and weight) that are components of each piece and the desired statement it will make. Each element is given thought as to how it will be complemented by the other materials.

The pieces are made from local and imported, quality materials including ribbon, natural gemstones, precious metals (925 silver, Tibetan silver, white silver, dark silver, antique silver, gold, yellow gold, antique gold, black hills gold, rose gold, brass, antique brass, bright brass, bronze, aged bronze) other metals (gunmetal, stainless steel, aluminum), coated metals (black, green, pink, blue, purple, etc.), crystal, glass, wood and other manufactured products.

If you have an inspiration image and would like a custom piece made, please contact me at info@bacoty.com with the details! 

The site is JUST NOW being launched, so please be patient as more items are being uploaded daily! Please contact me with any questions!

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