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Selecting a photographer can be a very important decision because they ultimately are the ones that will either engage your audience, bring your vision to life or capture those precious memories that you will look back on in years to come.

Richard, the founder of Rollareel is a photographer himself. But even photographers need other photographers to take their photos. For Richard, this occurred when he sold his home, got married and when welcomed his daughter into the world. On each occasion Richard wanted to find a photographer who specialised in their given field as he knew all too well that the skill set required for each can be different. Each time he began his search, he found that there wasn’t a single platform which contained enough information for him to make an informed decision. Because of this, he found himself jumping from Instagram to Google to each photographers individual website and then back again. This took time and involved a lot of back and forth.

Through his experience Richard saw a hole in the market. He believed this presented an opportunity to create something new – a photographer focused directory. A platform that would display new and current galleries from a variety of photographers based on your search criteria. Here, users can view photos, learn more about each photographer or their business, see which vendors were involved in the shoot, read client testimonials and make enquiries, all from the one place. A space that would streamline the entire process and connect each person with their dream photographer.

Why Choose Us?

New & Current Galleries

All of the galleries featured on Rollareel are uploaded by our photographers on a daily basis, so there will always be something new to check out!

Photographer Profiles

Each gallery comes complete with a link to the photographers profile so you can easily learn more about them or view a greater collection of their work.

Find Other Vendors

To help you find other suppliers as well, we created a space inside each gallery where the photographer can add the details of all vendors involved.

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