About Us

About Us

Building a business can often take lots of time, energy and hardwork. Knowing exactly where to invest your hard earned money inorder to see a decent return on your investment can some times be hit and miss. Establishing a reputation where clients and other businesses/ogranisation will trust you enough to refer you leads or feature your work can also take years.

At Rollareel, we understand that’s its no easy feet running a small (or large) business. We get it, we really do and that’s why we’re here to help! Despite what you may think, we’re not just a bunch of tech experts. In fact, Rollareel was actually built by photographers for photographers and it’s within this knowledge base that our plaftorm was formed. With this experience, we knew that to really help our community, we needed to create a platform that would improve the client experience, streamline workflows and help each business grow.

To achieve these core values, we knew we had to think outside the box. We understood that we would need to innovate and improve upon existing technologies if we were to accomplish such a task. So we started by analysing what the the modern day photographer needed most in order to run and grow their business. From there we began to create a solid foundation, one which we could continue to develop and build upon as time went on.

As our name ‘Rollareel’ suggests, our platform has been constructed around client galleries. A feature that we felt was most essential in the present day. Our aim is to provide our photographers with a unique and complimentary way in which they can deliver and present their work to their clients. But that’s not all! Within these client galleries we integrated an innovate new feature – a one of a kind photographer directory which is based on galleries. Considering new bookings can frequently be atributed to business growth we knew this would be a big draw card for Rollareel, one that would actually separate us from our competitors.

With a talented team of passionate designers and creatives at our side we plan to continuously develop and expand upon our platform while at the same time challenging what is possible. We aim to draw parallels between both photography and business so that our software enables you to effectively improve your processes and grow your business.

Our Mission

Improve The Client Experience

From discovering your work to receiving the finished product, your clients will love these beautiful, feature rich, easy to use galleries.

Streamline Workflows

To minimise, reduce or eliminate the everyday tasks so you can spend more time doing the things you love and less time doing the things you don’t!

Grow Your Business

Our inbuilt directory allows you to market your work and grow your business all in the one place!

Meet The Founder


Meet The Founder

Being a photographer and small business owner himself, Richard has experienced first hand what it takes to run a successful photography business. He understands that while the success of a business can often be determined by how much work you put in, he also appreciates just how important it is to find unique tools and software that make the process of running and growing a business easier. For this reason Richard was always looking for new technologies that would allow him to take his business to the next level.

But what happens when you don’t find what you are looking for? What then? This is the situation Richard found himself in time and time again. So rather than settle for what was on offer, Richard set out to create something new. His goal – to create an all in one platform that would take care of everything from marketing your work through to the delivery of the finished product. A platform that would not only help his small business grow but one that his community could use to grow their businesses as well.

Why Choose Us?

Our difference

We are the ONLY client gallery company that comes with platform where each photographers can actively market their work to increase leads and secure more bookings.

We listen

We don’t believe there is such a thing as a bad idea. No matter how big or small, if you have an idea that you think could benefit your business or help the entire community, we want to hear about it!

We back you

We support our photographers because the biggest reward for us is seeing our photographers succeed and achieve their business goals!

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